#8 Diary of a Uni Student

7 Nov

University is very stressful. I am a second year student, with a load of deadlines and a future to try and decide. Trying to juggle essays, presentations, lectures, labs and trying to find a summer placement has proven to be quite difficult. I am sure this is something that a lot of students can relate to, whatever course you may be on. This year my work ethic has completely changed. Don’t get me wrong, last year I never handed anything in late and I did work really hard. But this year I have really put more effort into my studies and popping over to the library a couple of times a week is one of the ways I have done this. The resources there are amazing, and I cannot believe I didn’t use it more last year (I didn’t even take a book out last year, so far I have taken out 5!). I have always been an organised person (with a love of storage boxes, stationery and labels ha), so here are a few of my top 3 tips for keeping your academic career in check:

1. Get an academic diary – Perfect for jotting down any important deadlines, events, meetings etc. Some even come with a space to write your timetable in so you always know where you’re going, and don’t end up walking into the wrong lecture theatre! I always keep mine in my handbag so I can refer to it easily.

2. Prioritise – Don’t get bunged down with lots of deadlines and panic that you won’t get finished. Write down everything you need to do in a to do list, and write down the deadlines next to it. From there, prioritise and work out what needs doing first. Set achievable goals, it feels good to cross it off the list when it is completed!

3. Make the most of the resources available to you – Don’t do what I did and not use the library. They hold a collection of books which are so valuable and helpful, especially for longer assignments such as essays. Using the library is so simple, and if you’re not sure just talk to the staff, they will have been asked the same question many times before! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it is a bit different than usual. Personally, I was in the library working on an essay for 4 hours today, and it did become painful. Here is how I got through it:

J xo


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