#13 Brand Focus – She Said Beauty

14 Nov

I am a lover of social media. I may also love beauty products (I don’t know if you’re aware…). What do you get if you mix the two together? She Said Beauty. I had been thinking about creating a She Said Beauty profile for quite a while now but I never really got around to it. When She Said Beauty followed me on Twitter, they told me about linking my profile to my blog. It sounded like a great idea to me, so I went for it and joined!

When you join they ask you a few questions (skin type, hair type, favourite scents etc), I presume that these are used if you subscribe to their beauty box, so they can choose products tailored to you. Their She Said Beauty box is £9.00 (+ £2.95 P+P). I have been close to subscribing so many times in the past! (Hate being a poor student, It would be great to review on this blog though) The packaging looks really nice and feminine too.

Once you have completed your beauty profile, you can start customising your profile. I uploaded a photo, wrote a little bit about me, and changed my cover photo to one of their default images.

This is where the social media comes in. You can link in all of your different social media platforms to your profile. I have linked my blog and my twitter. My blog has been synced, so my new blog posts will also show on my She Said Beauty profile.

HOW COOL RIGHT? After I had finished customising my profile I started to like some of my favourite brands and products.

I had to restrain myself from spending hours going through products and liking them! As well as liking them, you can also review them. This is super handy;  if I was considering purchasing a new beauty product I could consult She Said Beauty and see whether it has been good for other people (especially handy if what you were lusting over was quite costly, nobody wants to spend £20 on a new product and it turns out to be rubbish!!)

Another thing I like about She Said Beauty is that they are really in touch with their users. They are always tweeting, and having conversations with users. They post links to articles and beauty debates too, so everyone can get involved. Everyone knows I love a good competition or freebie (just check my twitter page!) and they have those too! Can they do no wrong?

Overall, I think I may be in love. I love the concept of She Said Beauty, bringing together beauty and social media. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and join the beauty conversation! You can follow other peoples profiles, comment on new posts, and become a beauty community!

Fancy joining? GO FOR IT :) Join me and so many others. My username is BFLifexo (the same as my Twitter), you can find my profile here.

J xo


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