#17 Brand Focus – e.l.f

22 Nov

Another brand focus today! Sorry for the lack of posts, I am currently looking for a house for the next academic year which is so stressful. I have looked at around 7 so far and they have been so disgustingly messy! Anyway, I diverge. I have known about e.l.f for quite a while now, however I didn’t place my first order until October this year. I really don’t know why I didn’t place an order earlier.

I always read about e.l.f products in beauty blogs, and most have good reviews. When I saw that they had a 50% off offer when you spent £50, I finally gave in and placed a massive order. Overall, I purchased 16 items which gave a total of £29 when delivery was added. Complete bargain.

I brought a mixture of items – brushes, make-up, brush cleaners etc :) First thing to say is their brushes are incredible. My top two are their Studio powder and stipple brushes. £3.75 each and such good quality, giving an even application. I also brought a few eye brushes which are also of a good quality, even though they are just from the standard range. My other top products from this haul are the mineral moisturising lip tints in rose and guava, they are so moisturising and have a great pigmentation.

e.l.f always have great offers on their site (free delivery, free gifts etc) which can be oh so tempting! They communicate really well via twitter and facebook too. Delivery was super fast, I have no complaints at all! Great products, great service and at a great price. If you haven’t purchased anything from e.l.f. before I would definitely recommend them as a company!

J xo


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