#29 Christmas in the BeautyFashionLifexo House!

13 Dec

Hi guys! This is going to be a super festive post about how we are celebrating Christmas in my house. As you may know, I am a student so I am living in a student house with 4 other girls. We all love Christmas (we decorated our house in November) and our new favourite shop is the Christmas shop in the city centre. This Friday we are making a Christmas meal together followed by watching ELF and playing Monopoly! All the while listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify! Here are some snaps of our super festive house.


| Our Santa sack was £1.49 (Christmas shop) and we are filling it with our Secret Santa gifts | ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ has pride of place in our window and was £1 (Christmas shop) | Our hanging snowflakes are in our kitchen doorway and were from Poundland | This cute foil tree was also from Poundland and lives on our dining table | Cute Christmas cards given to us by our neighbours | Red tinsel on the wall decorated with candy canes, both from Poundland | We all made snowflakes and scattered them across the house | We covered a canvas in wrapping paper, it looks fab! | More tinsel wrapped around our stair bannister |

Poundland has some great decorations which are such great value! It was the first place we looked for decorations (being poor students) and we were not disappointed. I also picked these up from Poundland:


My boyfriend and I are just big kids! But at £1 I could not resist these advent calendars.

So how are you celebrating Christmas this year? Do you decorate your house like we have? Leave a comment below, I read them all and reply to as many as possible :)

J xo


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