#30 A Quick Update

15 Dec

Hi everyone!

This is just a little apology for the lack of posts over the past week! It has been a super busy time for me at the moment. I had my last lectures of 2012 so I had to complete all of my work/assignments for those. Then yesterday, we celebrated Christmas in my house by having a gorgeous roast dinner and exchanging Secret Santa presents. It was a really good day and it was nice to celebrate the end of term with the rest of my housemates.

Tomorrow (Sunday 16th) is my 20th Birthday! Ahhh super excited but at the same time kind of having  not-mid-life crisis about not being a ‘teen’ anymore! To celebrate, my boyfriend is taking me to a really nice Indian restaurant in town that I have been wanting to go to for ages! We would go on my actual birthday but I am actually travelling back home for the Christmas vacation tomorrow so we decided to do it tonight. On top of all this I still haven’t packed! I am leaving tomorrow early afternoon so I need to get a move on and get packing!

When I get home, I am actually working full time for the week before Christmas (17th-21st December) so I am going to be super tired and stressed as I need to find time for revision for my January exams too. As you can tell this really is a bit of a hectic time for me but I will try to blog as much as possible. But for the time being while I am working/revising blogging may have to take a bit of a back seat as I am not a full time blogger. I hope you can all understand!

Lots of love and Best Wishes for the Christmas period,

Jess xo


2 Responses to “#30 A Quick Update”


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