#32 Last Minute Gift Inspiration – Lauren Conrad ‘Beauty’

21 Dec

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. Christmas is so close now so everyone is around doing their last minute Christmas shopping and making sure everything is ready for the big day. Are you in need of a final present to finish off but are you lacking some giftspiration? (see what I did there?!) Well if you are looking for a pressie for your girlfriend, wife, sister, best friend etc look no further than Lauren Conrad ‘Beauty’.

Lauren Conrad 'Beauty'

I have always loved Lauren Conrad. I used to spent my teenage years following her story from Laguna Beach to The Hills and beyond. I always longed for her natural beauty and endless, perfectly waved golden locks. She is so pretty and has such a classic look. If you watched the two TV shows you would have seen how her style and image has changed over the years as she has grown older and matured.

I was actually given this book as a Secret Santa present from one of my housemates , and I have been hooked ever since.

The book is full of tips and tricks for all aspects of beauty: from applying make-up, to styling hair and skincare routines. It is really well written and presented and is full of photos too. One of my favourite chapters in the book describes beauty throughout the years and shows how beauty trends have changed decade by decade. I think this book would be great for anyone with a love of beauty, even if they were just starting out (for a younger sister or teenage girl perhaps).

I would definitely recommend this book as a gift. There are other beauty based books out there, for example the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual looks good too, and I have read great reviews of it. If the person you are buying for is more into fashion than beauty, then definitely check out Lauren Conrad ‘Style’.

You can buy Lauren Conrad ‘Beauty’ here from Amazon.

J xo


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