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#42 Lush Tea Tree Water Review

4 Jan

Not so long ago my boyfriend and I went to Cambridge for the weekend, and we had a stroll around the city centre and just happened to stumble into Lush. I have only purchased one product of theirs before (Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I did a full review of it here) so I decided to have a look around. I don’t currently own a toner and I thought my skincare routine needed one so that is what I was looking for. The lady who served me was so friendly and was really helpful as she discussed the differences between the different toner waters they had to offer.

I ended up buying the Tea Tree Water, 250g which is the bigger size. I was going to get a smaller size bottle just to give it a try but they didn’t have any in store so I just bit the bullet and purchased the full size.

Lush Tea Tree Water

Lush Tea Tree Water

Lush Tea Tree Water

| Lush Tea Tree Water, 250g – £7.25 |

I haven’t been using this toner for long but WOW my skin is looking so much better. I had been coming out with a lot more blemishes that I normally would have and this has helped to clear them. The tea tree is an antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient so it works wonders for oily or spot prone skin. I personally have dry skin and I haven’t found that this product dries my skin out further. After using this toner water, I always moisturise due to me having dry skin.

I use this in the evening after using my Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser (full review here) and I apply it with a cotton pad or two. You can also just spritz directly onto your face and I sometimes do this in the morning to refresh the skin. This product is so quick and easy to apply so is good for those who are on the go. My skin is looking so much clearer and healthy looking, and like I said before the blemishes have cleared too.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product and I would also repurchase this item. I also love that Lush place stickers on the products saying who made the product and when it was made. It is such a great touch!

J xo

ps. I purchased this product before my spending ban that I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post. Anything I review from now will be products I purchased before the new year or from my boxes full of products that I haven’t used yet :)


#41 My New Years Resolutions

3 Jan

2012 was a pretty decent year for me. I passed my first year of university and spent the summer working. It didn’t seem too much fun at the time (as where I was working is not related to my degree in anyway) but looking back now it was a good thing for me to do at the time and I did gain skills. I moved into my new student house with 4 amazing girls. Some of whom I didn’t know too well before, but I have developed great friendships with now.  I also joined a society in October, which has been really rewarding and I have met some new people through that too. And all through 2012 I had my lovely boyfriend at my side! We had some great weekends away exploring new cities in England but it was hard being away from him during the University vacations. Not to forget, this blog! I started this blog at the end of October and haven’t really looked back since!

I didn’t really make resolutions last year, so this year I am going to make an effort to make some changes in my life. On a personal level, I really want to start getting involved in more things, especially at uni. I made a commitment when I joined the society I am in and I am really going to keep up with it through attending all meetings etc. I also want to try and lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. I have started doing some yoga at home which has really helped with my stress levels at the moment which are through the roof due to my impending exams. When I get back up to uni I really want to start going running again too. Keeping with the health theme, I need to start drinking more water and less fizzy drinks. Eating less dairy is on my list too. These should help my skin too, which has been playing up a little recently. And obviously I need to cut out all unhealthy foods etc.

I also need to sort out my spending habits. They have got a bit better since the start of 2012. There was one point where I was making an ASOS order every two weeks. That is not healthy for my finances. Like I say I have got better since then. I think I am going to give myself the 100 day spending ban that a few bloggers are doing. Obviously you are allowed to buy some things like essentials, uni stuff and my boyfriend celebrates his birthday this month so I will be buying him a present. But I will not be purchasing any new beauty products, clothes, take-aways and stuff like that. This should also help me achieve another resolution of mine which is to use up more of the products I have before buying new ones. I have a couple of storage boxes FULL of products that I haven’t used and this needs to change!

I also really want 2013 to be a good year for me professionally. I have been looking for summer placements relevant to my degree for a while now but nothing has come of it. I have contacted over 20 companies so far and nothing. I am definitely not giving up yet and I know I won’t hear back from everyone so the search continues! I also really want to keep up with this blog and make it the best it can be.

Sorry for the long post but it feels good to have these things written down and published to everyone on the internet. Then I can look back and will motivate me to keep going as I don’t want to let anyone down! That may sound a bit silly but it makes sense to me!

I am wishing you all a prosperous 2013, and if you have written your resolutions please leave your links below and I will be sure to read them :)

J xo

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#40 I’m on Bloglovin’

2 Jan

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After chatting on the #bbloggers chat I have decided to get Bloglovin’! So please follow me on there and leave all of your links below and I will follow you all back :)

I hope you’re all having a lovely 2013 so far :)

J xo


1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2012, and that 2013 will be even better for you. Have you got any resolutions for the next year? Let me know, tweet me or leave a comment below, you know I will reply to all of them! :)

Happy new year!

Thank you for your continued support, and I wish all of you lovelies a happy and healthy 2013!

Jess xo

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