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#61 brb!

29 Mar

Just popping to Spain loves! See you all in a week, and enjoy some scheduled posts!

J xo


#60 Daily Lust – Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

27 Mar

I love Soap and Glory, I’ve said it many times and I will say it again. They just can’t do wrong in my books. Cosmetics, bath, body and skincare; They’ve got it all going on. I am seriously lusting over this Sugar Crush scrub.

Sugar Crush scrub

| Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, RRP £8 available to Boots here |

I have smelt the Sugar Crush scent previously and oh my. Have mercy. It smells so good. I love a fresh, zesty scent and the lime in this bad boy is great! I have used Pulp Friction in the past and loved it and now this is on my radar I may have to take a sneeky trip down to Boots at some point. I need to have beautifully exfoliated skin for when I go on holiday soon don’t I? This is how I am going to justify this purchase. Come at me.

Has anyone used this scrub? Would you recommend it?

J xo

#59 My Make-up Storage!

24 Mar

I love seeing these kinds of Youtube videos, and while I know this is a BLOG not a Youtube channel, I thought I would do this post all the same! I don’t think I have a huge amount of make-up (especially compared to those I’ve seen!) but this is the way I keep my stash.

My Make-up Storage

My Make-up Storage

So, it all is kept in a Soap and Glory box that was part of a gift set that I received for my birthday. At the top left, I keep my MUA palettes. I have the Heaven and Earth, Undressed and Artiste Collection. In front of those is a purple basket (which I think are from Wilkos) with most of my everyday face products. I try to keep some order to this with cheek products and powders at the back, and foundations, mascaras, eyeliners etc towards the front. Obviously it never stays like this for too long!

At the back, I have a little jug type thing that my Nan gave me that I keep my make up brushes in. Most of my brushes are MUA, elf or Avon, however I really want to try some Real Techniques! I also pop my tweezers on the side of this too. Next to this is a little box that I keep more eyeshadow quads, or single shadows in along with some cotton buds. The two little bottles at the far right are elf brush cleaner and The Body Shop eye make up remover.

The second purple basket contains all of my lip products. Lip colours/stains/sticks on the left, and more moisturising balms on the right. And of course, my beloved Lush lip scrub belongs here and I reach for it everyday still.

And that is it. Really simple, but it works for me! I would love to see how you store your make up for everyday use, so if you do a similar post or Youtube video please feel free to leave a link in the comment below and tweet me to tell me you’ve done so!

J xo

#58 MUA Artiste Collection Review

20 Mar

I purchased this palette during the MUA 50% off event (see my MUA haul here), and I have used it a fair few times since. You can buy MUA in Superdrug stores nationwide or online here.

MUA Artiste Collection

MUA Artiste Collection

MUA Artiste Collection

| MUA Artiste Collection, RRP £6 available online or in Superdrug stores |

The first thing I have to say about this products is that MUA have listened to their customers. The eyeshadows are named! It is only a little thing but it does make a big difference, well I think anyway. The palette includes 6 eyeshadows, which are of marbled effect. I really rate these eyeshadows, and the other MUA eyeshadows that are available. They are super pigmented and apply really well onto the eyelid. My favourite eye look with this palette is to apply Mocca to the eyelid and then add Cookie to the outer corner and through the crease, blending well. If you are looking for some great swatches of these eyeshadows then check this blog post by The Sunday Girl out, the swatches are great!

I’m afraid I didn’t really enjoy the four face products (2 blushes, 1 bronzer and a highlight) as much as the eyeshadows. They aren’t as pigmented as the eyeshadows which is a shame as the blusher shades would look great on someone with a paler skin tone. They might not be great if you have a darker skin tone, as the product may not show up. I found the blush shades quite hard to work with, but that may just be me! I like that they have included 1 shimmery blush and 1 matte shade though! The bronzer is ok, it isn’t brilliant but it does a decent job as a contour shade. The highlight shade is light and pearlescent and does look quite pretty.

Overall, I don’t really feel too strongly about this product. The eyeshadows are great, but the face products do let it down a bit. I would still recommend it for the eyeshadows alone at £6 though!

J xo

#57 UPDATE: I’m sorry!

15 Mar

It seems to be a common occurrence that I am having to do Update posts, apologising for being a bit absent. But here I am!

If you follow me on Twitter (@BFLifexo), you will have seen me tweet endlessly about my ongoing essay and coursework deadlines that have been getting me down recently. Really getting me down. I have had no motivation to do anything other than uni work; I’ve stopped exercising and I have had a few diet blips. One such diet blip being a Domino’s pizza. Since then, I have snapped out of comfort eating and I am back on the healthy eating bandwagon. However, I haven’t got back into exercising and I have really disappointed myself with my lack of motivation. I should mention that even after these blips I thankfully only gained half a pound so there hasn’t been too much damage!

That being said, I am going home this weekend for the Easter vacation which means all of my uni work is finished for the time being. I will be back exercising in a few days, and I am determined to shift a few more pounds before my holiday at the end of March! And hopefully I will be able to post a bit more too, aswell as being more proactive in the #bbloggers chats on Twitter!

So how have you all been? I hope you are all doing well :)

J xo