#58 MUA Artiste Collection Review

20 Mar

I purchased this palette during the MUA 50% off event (see my MUA haul here), and I have used it a fair few times since. You can buy MUA in Superdrug stores nationwide or online here.

MUA Artiste Collection

MUA Artiste Collection

MUA Artiste Collection

| MUA Artiste Collection, RRP £6 available online or in Superdrug stores |

The first thing I have to say about this products is that MUA have listened to their customers. The eyeshadows are named! It is only a little thing but it does make a big difference, well I think anyway. The palette includes 6 eyeshadows, which are of marbled effect. I really rate these eyeshadows, and the other MUA eyeshadows that are available. They are super pigmented and apply really well onto the eyelid. My favourite eye look with this palette is to apply Mocca to the eyelid and then add Cookie to the outer corner and through the crease, blending well. If you are looking for some great swatches of these eyeshadows then check this blog post by The Sunday Girl out, the swatches are great!

I’m afraid I didn’t really enjoy the four face products (2 blushes, 1 bronzer and a highlight) as much as the eyeshadows. They aren’t as pigmented as the eyeshadows which is a shame as the blusher shades would look great on someone with a paler skin tone. They might not be great if you have a darker skin tone, as the product may not show up. I found the blush shades quite hard to work with, but that may just be me! I like that they have included 1 shimmery blush and 1 matte shade though! The bronzer is ok, it isn’t brilliant but it does a decent job as a contour shade. The highlight shade is light and pearlescent and does look quite pretty.

Overall, I don’t really feel too strongly about this product. The eyeshadows are great, but the face products do let it down a bit. I would still recommend it for the eyeshadows alone at £6 though!

J xo


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