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#58 MUA Artiste Collection Review

20 Mar

I purchased this palette during the MUA 50% off event (see my MUA haul here), and I have used it a fair few times since. You can buy MUA in Superdrug stores nationwide or online here.

MUA Artiste Collection

MUA Artiste Collection

MUA Artiste Collection

| MUA Artiste Collection, RRP £6 available online or in Superdrug stores |

The first thing I have to say about this products is that MUA have listened to their customers. The eyeshadows are named! It is only a little thing but it does make a big difference, well I think anyway. The palette includes 6 eyeshadows, which are of marbled effect. I really rate these eyeshadows, and the other MUA eyeshadows that are available. They are super pigmented and apply really well onto the eyelid. My favourite eye look with this palette is to apply Mocca to the eyelid and then add Cookie to the outer corner and through the crease, blending well. If you are looking for some great swatches of these eyeshadows then check this blog post by The Sunday Girl out, the swatches are great!

I’m afraid I didn’t really enjoy the four face products (2 blushes, 1 bronzer and a highlight) as much as the eyeshadows. They aren’t as pigmented as the eyeshadows which is a shame as the blusher shades would look great on someone with a paler skin tone. They might not be great if you have a darker skin tone, as the product may not show up. I found the blush shades quite hard to work with, but that may just be me! I like that they have included 1 shimmery blush and 1 matte shade though! The bronzer is ok, it isn’t brilliant but it does a decent job as a contour shade. The highlight shade is light and pearlescent and does look quite pretty.

Overall, I don’t really feel too strongly about this product. The eyeshadows are great, but the face products do let it down a bit. I would still recommend it for the eyeshadows alone at £6 though!

J xo


#50 L’Oreal True Match Foundation Review

12 Feb

Back in December, I picked up the L’Oreal True Match foundation in Boots. Now, I had never used a L’Oreal foundation previously but I had heard good things so I gave it a go. The foundation claims to be super-blendable and match skin colour and texture.

L'Oreal True Match

L'Oreal True Match

L'Oreal True Match

L’Oreal True Match foundation, £10.29 in Boots (currently 2 for £15 on selected L’Oreal cosmetics!)

I purchased the shade D1WI Golden Ivory which is one of the lighter shades. I was really impressed with the wide variety of shades they have, it makes a change for a drugstore brand to have such a good range. It is a liquid foundation with a very fluid water-like consistency and it is indeed super-blendable. It does what it says on the tin, and I did notice how it evened out my skintone in places too. One pump is enough for me, and it applies so easily. It almost glides onto the face. I use my MUA F2 Stipple brush that I spoke about in my MUA Haul but it would work well with a standard foundation brush or even your fingers too. I would say it has a light to medium coverage which is what I look for in a foundation, I don’t like anything too heavy. But you could achieve a more fuller coverage look with this foundation by building it up without it looking cakey. I have super dry skin and it still worked well for me, it didn’t dry out my skin any further which is such a bonus. It lasted well in the winter weather too, I used my Rimmel Stay Matte powder on top to set it.

My final thoughts? I think this is a great foundation for anyone looking for a no fuss, flawless finish foundation on a budget. A true drugstore gem in my opinion.

J xo

#47 MUA Pro Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Review (+ Swatches)

7 Feb

You may have seen my MUA Haul post not so long ago, showing the abundance of MUA products that I purchased during their 50% event. Well I have been using them since they arrived so I thought I would do a review of the Blush Perfection Cream Blushers that I received.

MUA Cream Blusher

MUA Cream Blusher

MUA Cream Blusher

MUA Cream Blusher

MUA Cream Blusher

L – R: MUA Pro Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in Blossom and Dolly, £2 each

I absolutely love these. They cost £2 each which is amazing. Blossom is a beautiful dark peach colour, whereas Dolly is a more vibrant coral colour which will be great in the warmer months. The pigmentation and colour pay off when applied has been great too. The cream blusher is very build-able  you could use it just to add a touch of colour to the cheeks or apply a few layers for a really strong look. I personally use an angled blush brush to apply these, but they work really well if you use the fingers too. For £2 the packaging isn’t too shabby either and it is quite sturdy.

There are 2 other shades available, and they are definitely worth checking out when you are next in Superdrug! You can also purchase these products direct from MUA online. Have you tried these before? What did you think? :)

J xo

#42 Lush Tea Tree Water Review

4 Jan

Not so long ago my boyfriend and I went to Cambridge for the weekend, and we had a stroll around the city centre and just happened to stumble into Lush. I have only purchased one product of theirs before (Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I did a full review of it here) so I decided to have a look around. I don’t currently own a toner and I thought my skincare routine needed one so that is what I was looking for. The lady who served me was so friendly and was really helpful as she discussed the differences between the different toner waters they had to offer.

I ended up buying the Tea Tree Water, 250g which is the bigger size. I was going to get a smaller size bottle just to give it a try but they didn’t have any in store so I just bit the bullet and purchased the full size.

Lush Tea Tree Water

Lush Tea Tree Water

Lush Tea Tree Water

| Lush Tea Tree Water, 250g – £7.25 |

I haven’t been using this toner for long but WOW my skin is looking so much better. I had been coming out with a lot more blemishes that I normally would have and this has helped to clear them. The tea tree is an antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient so it works wonders for oily or spot prone skin. I personally have dry skin and I haven’t found that this product dries my skin out further. After using this toner water, I always moisturise due to me having dry skin.

I use this in the evening after using my Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser (full review here) and I apply it with a cotton pad or two. You can also just spritz directly onto your face and I sometimes do this in the morning to refresh the skin. This product is so quick and easy to apply so is good for those who are on the go. My skin is looking so much clearer and healthy looking, and like I said before the blemishes have cleared too.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product and I would also repurchase this item. I also love that Lush place stickers on the products saying who made the product and when it was made. It is such a great touch!

J xo

ps. I purchased this product before my spending ban that I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post. Anything I review from now will be products I purchased before the new year or from my boxes full of products that I haven’t used yet :)

#38 Soap and Glory Showers That Glee Review

31 Dec

You may have read my birthday post and saw that I was given the Soap and Glory Showers That Glee set. I was so exciting as I LOVE Soap and Glory products and have done for a while now. It was also full of products that I haven’t used before. I have been using the products daily ever since my birthday so thought I would give you a little review!

Showers That Glee

The Butter Yourself body cream is fab. It smells incredible and is super moisturising. It contains shea butter which leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I use this product after I have showered, but I don’t use it everyday. I do use Foam Call everyday when I am in the bath or shower. Again it smells amazing, as all Soap and Glory products do. This and the Pulp Friction scrub both contain the Fruitigo fragrance which is made up of fig, frozen yuzu, orange oil and pomelo essence. They give the products a citrus and fruity scent which I love. The Foam call body wash is just an all round top body wash. The only disadvantage of getting this in the set is that it doesn’t come with a pump which I prefer. But that is just personal preference, the product is still amazing! The Pulp Friction scrub works really well for me leaving my skin feeling really smooth and soft. I don’t use fake tan so I can’t comment on how well it works with that, but I love it! The hair turban and shower puff just finish the set off for me and I love them too!

The set was originally £20 which is really good value considering the value of the individual products. If you are lucky you may still be able to pick one up in the 1/2 price sale for £10 in your local Boots. They have sold out where I live and I think they have online too as I couldn’t find a link! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you did and remember to press the follow button!

J xo

#33 Stylfile S-Clipper Review

22 Dec

Hi everyone! I love The Apprentice – I just can’t get enough of it. I never really used to get into it. I used to watch a few episodes and then be done with it until a couple of years ago, then I was hooked. This years Young Apprentice has just finished (yay Ashleigh!) but I do much prefer the ‘adult’ version (not that adult). A couple of years ago, Tom Pellereau won The Apprentice and an investment with Lord Sugar himself. After winning, Tom released his Stylfile brand whose products were focused around the natural curve of the nail. You can get all sorts of products – buffers, nail files but I will be talking about the nail clipper.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be the runner up of a Twitter competition run by Stylfile. As you may be able to deduce from my tweets I do love a good competition and so I was thrilled to see that I was a runner up! I emailed through my address and within a couple of days my prize was at home waiting for me. I was so impressed with how quickly they posted my prize out to me!


I have used this product a couple of times now and I am really pleased! The first thing to note is that it is made of surgical steel. This makes it strong and long-lasting, and makes cutting the nails so easy and simple. It even works on false nails! The best feature of the S-Clipper are the curved blades. They give a smooth and controlled cut to the nail and prevent clippings from flying all over the place (be honest, we have all been there) as the nail drops onto the surface below.

I think this is such a great product, I don’t know how there hasn’t been a product like this before!

The S-clipper is available at Sainsburys and also online at Amazon here.

J xo

#28 Rimmel London Precious Stones Ruby Crush Review

12 Dec

I love Rimmel London. I think it is one of the best drugstore brands around and I use their products everyday. They have had a great year I have to say! Their stand out product this year has to be their Wake Me Up foundation, I love it! Today I will be reviewing one of their nail polishes – Ruby Crush from their Precious Stones range.

Ruby Crush

I am currently wearing this on my nails, but I couldn’t get a good photo of them! The lighting was poor and it was not doing the polish justice! So I have just included the bottle. I am a lover of glitter polishes, a little sparkle helps to put me in a good mood and brighten my day! The first time I used this I applied it over the top of a coat of red polish and it gave a great finish. I then topped it off with my favourite top coat – Barry M 3 in 1. This time around I haven’t used it on top of anything else, instead I layered it up. It took 3 coats to give a full on opaque glitter look – but the finish is spectacular! So glittery and full of sparkle, with it being December it also puts me in such a festive mood with it being red glitter! Again I topped it off with Barry M 3 in 1 and it hasn’t chipped once! I have been complimented on it a couple of times now and they couldn’t believe it was a Rimmel polish! The only downside (as with all other glitter polishes I have used so far) is that they are a terror to remove! However, all in all I love this polish and Rimmel has done such a good job!

Rimmel London Precious Stones Ruby Crush Nail Polish retails for £3.99 and is available to buy at Boots here.

J xo

#24 Lavera Liposome Intensive Cream Review

6 Dec

Here is the first review of one of the samples I received in my Latest In Beauty little beauty box. If you haven’t heard about Latest In Beauty, definitely check out my blog post on them. The product I will be reviewing today is the Lavera Liposome Intensive cream.

Latest In Beauty

Latest In Beauty

Lavera Liposome Intensive Cream

Lavera Liposome Intensive Cream

I was given 5 1ml sachets to test out, and I have used them all up. I wanted to give this cream a fair chance before reviewing it, so I made sure to use all of it. At first I really didn’t like this cream. When I first applied it I think I used a bit too much, and my skin was left feeling sticky and greasy. I found I only needed to use half the sachet for each application. I wore the cream alone on my face one day, it was quite refreshing for my skin and it was definitely super hydrating.  As you all know, I suffer from really dry skin especially on my face and this really did help that.

I used this cream every morning and night. After trying it alone, I decided to apply my make-up on top of it. I was quite impressed with the results. With the stickiness I experienced when using it alone, I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. I applied my Revlon primer and then foundation etc on top of the cream and it made my skin feel really soft and smooth. This smoothness lasted all day (even when I had been around town in the cold).

I liked the texture of this cream – it is quite mousse like. This makes it really easy to apply and blend into the skin. The smell is rather pleasant too, it is a floral scent. This is as expected as it does contain organic wild rose. I was surprised I liked the scent, because I am not usually a fan of rose.

I think it is more of a night cream than a day moisturiser – but it worked well as both for me! It is quite rich, so if you don’t suffer from dry skin then I wouldn’t recommend it as a day cream. Overall, I think I would repurchase this cream. It really did help with my dry skin, which is my personal skin problem.

You can purchase it for £13.90 (30ml) here.

Does anyone else suffer from dry skin like me? What are your miracle products? Let me know – leave a comment below! :)

J xo

#16 Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

20 Nov

I have never purchased a Lush product before but I have been into a few of their shops. The staff are always really friendly and offer great tips and advice about products. I popped into the Sheffield branch last weekend with a couple of my housemates and ended up buying my first product! I brought the Lip Scrub in Bubblegum. I tested it in the shop and knew I had to buy it.

Firstly, the smell. Oh my god. This smells incredible, it does smell exactly like bubblegum (as the name would suggest!). As a lip scrub, it works a treat. It really does exfoliate the lips, but without being too abrasive and tastes yummy too. Once you have used it your lips feel so smooth. I found myself just licking my lips after I tried it! My lips always get really dry and chapped,especially during winter and this has helped so much. It also contains organic jojoba oil which is super moisturising.

This 25g pot cost £5.25, which does sound quite costly especially as the scrub is pretty much made up of castor sugar with a few added extras. But this really does work, and you don’t have to use a lot when using it. So it will last for a long time, and I have used it everyday since I brought it so I know I will get my moneys worth. I like the packaging too, and it tells you when exactly it was made (13/09/12) and who made it (thanks Lukasz!) which I thought was a nice little touch.

Overall, I am really happy I brought this scrub. My housemate brought it in the Mint flavour, they also had a popcorn flavour. But for me it just had to be bubblegum. I would definitely buy this again, and I am definitely going to look into the other products that Lush make :) Also, they have some great Christmas gifts if you are looking for some presents!

J xo

#6 Review – Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

4 Nov

Soap and Glory are a brand that I lusted over for a very long time. So when I popped to Meadowhall a month or so back and saw that Boots had 3 for 2 on S&G products I decided to give them a try. One of the products I picked up was this hot cloth cleanser. It retails for £10 for 100ml.

The first thing I have to mention about this product is the packaging. I am a sucker for nice packaging, and I love the retro and feminine look of the S&G brand. This product also comes with a free muslin cloth which is super handy. I have been using this cleanser almost every day. It claims to ‘melt away make-up’. It has definitely lived up to that for me, removing even foundation and mascara and leaving my skin super soft. I have been coming out in a few breakouts on my face recently and this has certainly helped to calm this down too. It contains some great natural ingredients, such as sweet almond, orange and lavender oils. These ingredients give it a lovely fresh scent, and my face feels so smooth after I have used it. You only need to use about a grape size worth, so it will hopefully last me quite a while too! All in all, I would definitely recommend this hot cloth cleanser, and S&G products in general!

J xo